Shipping and payment info

Image by Dave Hoefler

I'm still setting up... 

Currently, I am still at the stage where I haven't quite got many systems in place in terms of online payment and shipping methods, so please contact me if you wish to purchase anything. Thank you for your understanding :)


Bank Transfers




When you contact me, I will  take payments via PayPal or Bank transfer.  If you are in Hong Kong, you can also pay in cash. 

For Hong Kong customers, if you are interested in viewing a piece in person before purchasing, I would be happy to arrange this. 


Free Shipping or 

direct collection. 

For Hong Kong customers, I am offering free  delivery at this stage. In many cases, it may be easier to collect larger or more fragile pieces in person from a neutral location or from my home directly. This also offers the opportunity to see the work physically, which often makes a big difference. 

Again, at this stage shipping arrangements should be made by directly messaging me so that we can work out the most effective method for you personally


pay for international shipping from HK 

I do ship internationally  and international shipping can be arranged subject to changing COVID restrictions between Hong Kong and your country. 

Customers will have to pay for international shipping. 

Discounts can be arranged for larger orders.